About us

Queens Interiors selling recycled goods with high quality

Anette Widholm-Lindgren created the idea of a company that only sells recycled goods, but of high quality. She wants to highlight old crafts and create beautiful environments where people like to mix new and old things from different times and parts of the world. The idea was born from her insight into how environmental destruction increased in step with mass production and overconsumption.

Our grandparents built up a tableware piece by piece and shopped for good quality and repaired and preserved clothes and furniture for a lifetime.

Anette, Queens Interiors

Anette would like us to return to the type of consumption where you buy goods to keep for the rest of your life. Anette has a long education in art and antiques and has worked with color and form for most of her life. The main school/education has been the work of creating beautiful environments and learning about antiques and art in a purely practical way through her work. Anette manages the web shop.

Inger, Queens Interiors

Inger Palm owns the company and has worked with Anette for many years. She is a journalist and, when necessary, a photographer. She manages PR, marketing and media around the company. Inger has developed her knowledge through the years of collaboration with Anette and is constantly working to learn more about antiques and art. Inger has the main responsibility for Queens Interiors boutique/showroom in Hässelby.

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